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"The willow reminds us of the need to let go sometimes, to surrender completely to the world of emotions and subconscious, so that we may be carried toward a deeper understanding of our innermost feelings, desires and fears."

- Jane Gifford

Who can be supported?

Types of Sessions:

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Face to face

Virtual Conference

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Hello! Let's introduce you to our therapist..


Emma Lowe

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Thank you for being here!

Find out a little bit about me, my approach and what to expect from a session.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope to talk soon!

I need support with...

  • depression and motivation
  • anxiety and stress management
  • trauma/s including chronic and complex
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • grief and loss
  • self-esteem and body image
  • relationship with food and eating habits
  • exploring sexuality and identity
  • self-harming behaviours
  • anger management
  • parenting strategies for youth
  • communication skills
  • workplace/ school issues
  • emotional awareness and regulation
  • building relationships
  • attachment injuries
  • building intimacy within couples
  • personality and mood disorders
Not sure what you need support with or where to start?

If you're worried about what to say, where to start or, not sure how to find the words that describe what you are feeling, you're not alone. It is completely normal. Sometimes we don't want to talk at all! That's OK, we can still work together using more creative strategies, like movement, art or visualisation. Everyone has unique self-expression and we support you in a way that is most safe and comfortable for you.

About Willow

Our number one priority is YOU! We provide highly qualified, evidence-based mental health support. Our aim is for you to have a POSITIVE and EFFORTLESS experience in accessing support.

WHY? When we don't quite feel like ourselves, are in distress, feeling lost, alone, sad, anxious or angry, we need to be seen. We need to be heard and understood. We've got you, we hear YOU! We are passionate about community, diversity, connection, growth and creativity.


HOW? We holistically support your mind and body with tailored therapy to suit your needs and goals. Emma works in a person-centred approach providing empathy, safety, collaboration and kindness with all her clients.  She is dedicated to supporting you individually and can help to navigate through the (sometimes confusing) mental health system so you have the best supports possible.





What first came to mind when you read "talk to someone"?

Some responses we've heard are; serious, dry, boring, time-wasting, unhelpful, stressful, expensive, they're just worried about me for no reason.

Oh, and the stigma. Does it mean that we aren't coping? Does it mean that there is something wrong or that we are weak? Does it mean being vulnerable? Does it mean that we are carrying emotional pain with us?

We challenge stigma. For us, it means that we are proactively nurturing, strengthening and caring for our emotional and physical health, our sense of self and, our relationships. It means we are human, we feel, we learn, we grow and become more aware of our strengths, our challenges and our vulnerabilities. There is nothing weak, broken or, wrong with us, although sometimes it can feel that way because there is a part of us hurting or, maybe even hiding. Talking to us means sharing an experience, a journey, a concern and that you don't have to be with it alone.

It's true, there is more sharing and caring in the media and fundraising events promoting positive mental health but there is still a stigma around "talking to someone". Maybe you've spoken to someone before or, know exactly what you'd like us to support you with. Or, maybe counselling is totally new for you, whatever stage of your journey you are at, WELCOME!

Real talk, things you need to know: Yes, there is an expense - your mental health is worth it! Yes, it can be time-consuming (to start with, not always). If you haven't had a good experience in the past, we hope you'll give us a chance and if you feel things are not helpful (we always try to identify why something isn't helpful so we can change it), we will do our best to come up with a solution that's good for you. Our sessions are not dry and boring, we don't lecture anyone or give you bandaid solutions. Sessions are your time and guided by you. Our sessions are usually genuine and heartfelt sometimes tearful or, quiet and sometimes embracing joy and sharing a laugh.  



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Let's chat about what it means to "talk to someone"..


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