The willow reminds us of the need to let go sometimes, to surrender completely to the world of emotions and subconscious, so that we may be carried toward a deeper understanding of our innermost feelings, desires and fears.


Hello, are you wondering what counselling is all about?

Emotion-Focused Therapy

Emotions influence our thoughts, feelings, body sensations, beliefs and desires. This approach delves into becoming more aware of emotions, processing difficult sensations and reflecting on experiences. By focusing on our internal experiences we can explore, notice and process emotions.

Narrative Therapy

Our lives are influenced by the ideas we have about ourselves. Our narratives could be about who we are, where we are from, the expectations of family or, from the society. Exploring our story empowers us to address problems by rewriting or, giving a new meaning to our journey.

In this approach, emotional distress can be linked to specific thoughts and behaviours. This practice is goal oriented and seeks to promote well-being with practical coping skills. Acknowledgment and processing of our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours can promote mindful and balanced strategies to effectively manage difficulties.

Interpersonal Process Therapy

We are connected to others over our lifetime with different kinds of relationships. The way we interact with others, respond to others and feel about ourselves in the world influences our experiences. Exploring these patterns allows us to identify the benefits, or, impacts that our interactions have on our daily functioning.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

This approach integrates an understanding of neuroscience with the mind and body. Our bodies respond to trauma, in various ways, some of which can contribute to ongoing distress. Mindful body awareness helps to unpack the experience of the physical body in relation to emotions in the present moment.

Existential Psychotherapy

This approach is philosophical in nature. Experiences or sensations associated with anxiety, freedom, responsibility, mortality and aloneness may contribute to a sense of disconnection, lack of purpose or stress in daily life. Exploring such themes encourages us to think about the meaning of life and, embrace our existence.