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Fees & Confidentiality

Send us an email to book a 15-minute consultation.

In this time, you can ask any questions & discuss your support options.

Fee Structure

Effective from July 1st 2019.


Individual sessions are 50 minutes.

Non-concession fee: $120.00*

Concession Standard Fee: $80.00


Couples sessions are 80 minutes.

Non-concession couples fee: 160.00*

Concession Couples Fee: $130.00


Negotiation of fees

We understand that financial hardship can make it difficult to access counselling services. It may be possible to set up a payment plan or a fee that is appropriate to your financial capacity. Please advise Emma if you would like to discuss this option. 

Unfortunately, no Medicare rebates or bulk billing services are available. 


*The Willow Counselling & Psychotherapy Practice reserves the right to periodically adjust this fee. You will be notified of any fee adjustment in advance. This fee may be adjusted by contract with managed care organisations or third-party payers.

Confidentiality & Consent

All sessions are private and confidential. 


There are some limitations to confidentiality, for instance, if you or someone else is at risk of harm. In this case, Emma would discuss these issues with you, to ensure your safety.


There is a form of consent outlining our policies, with more details about confidentiality and the therapeutic process which you can review and sign prior to your initial session.  

Emma can liaise with your specialist or GP to enhance your healthcare, only with your written consent.


Referrals & Process

You do not need a medical or specialist referral.

10 sessions are recommended (in a mental health care plan). More or fewer sessions may be beneficial, depending on your situation. 


A plan to address your goals and needs can be made during your initial consultation. The length of sessions can always be reviewed.


This plan is a collaborative agreement about your therapeutic journey and goals.